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Ted Cheavens, Owner & Artist

ted-willie.jpgTed grew up under the artistic eye and guidance of his father, western artist John “Buck” Cheavens. Being taught to sculpt, draw, and paint by the time he was in elementary school, Ted cast his first sculpture to bronze by the age of 10. Having been exposed to so many different art styles as a child, he holds variety as a passion. His constant need to be challenged helped develop his range, which is any look from hyperrealism to abstract. Ted began pursing art as a career and worked in animation in his twenties. He helped produce work for Walt Disney and Warner Bros., and worked on many cereal commercials including Trix, Lucky Charms, and Cheerios. In his thirties, he began painting murals and creating custom art for clients in the Austin area. Ted has produced custom artwork for Michael Dell and Willie Nelson, and has also illustrated the cover of Mickey Newbury’s album “A Long Road Home.” Currently living in Austin, Ted continues to paint professionally and pursue his fine art career.


 A Tribute to Our Dad

John “Buck” Cheavens was raised in Austin, Texas and was ushered into creativity through a family full of artistic talent. His father, Frank Cheavens, was a successful published writer and encouraged Buck to draw and paint as a young boy. Buck loved the life of the cowboy and depicted many of his art subjects in authentic western scenes on bucking horses and taming the wild-west. Buck grew up a cowboy and a bull rider even becoming a member of the TCU rodeo team of the 1950’s. He went on to graduate from Stephen F. Austin in 1960.

Buck later entered into fine art of sculpting cowboys and Indians as a love and a passion and casting them to bronze. Many of his sculptures were purchased in the 1970’s and collected by lovers of western art, including such collectors as Bud Adams, owner of the Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans. The East Texas Historical Association uses a bronze he created to honor the groups and individuals for their contribution to preserving historic properties in East Texas. In 1980, Buck was also made of an honorary member of the Intertribal Council of Indians.

Buck’s four children Carolyn, John, Ted, and Emily have all, and in some form, extended his artistic talent in their own families. Even his grandchildren carry on his artistic legacy with many of them becoming artists, writers, photographers, and musicians. Our dad, Buck Cheavens, will always be remembered as a fun, cheerful, loving father who could always make us smile while continually encouraging us to use our talents to make the world a more beautiful place.

“We think about you every day of our lives, daddy. Thank you for being the best dad ever.”
– Carolyn, John, Ted, and Emily